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· You’ll be able to do your hands-on learning (practicum or externship) at a MECOTEC Freezing center.  You can also purchase use MECOTEC to purchase your WBC Cryotherapy machine or localized Health & Wellness equipment.

“More Benefits of Sub-Zero Temperatures”

In the cryo chamber, the human body responds to a temperature of –85°C down to -110°C. This may prompt the release of endorphins, activate the immune system, boost blood circulation and metabolism, detoxify cells, and activate healing processes. Among other things, visits to our cryo chambers can help with:

·         Enhances fitness:

A more dynamic thermoregulation increases the load-stability of the organism

·         Supports rehabilitation:

High metabolism, activation of hormonal Growth-Factors (VGEF) and reduction of pain and inflammation ease and accelerate rehabilitation

·         Reduces muscle-sore, pain and inflammation:

Activation of anti-inflammatory factors, increased metabolism and pain reduction allow a faster regeneration and a more agile mobility

·         Higher energy level:

Cryotherapy at extremely low temperatures stimulates the autonomous nervous system, activates the cellular metabolism and generates a strong reaction of the sympathetic nervous system

·         Improves regeneration:

Strong metabolism and activation of hormonal Growth-Factors (VGEF) support regeneration and the rebuilt of tissue

·         Better lymphatic drainage and blood circulation:

Vasoconstriction (of peripheral skin-layers) and centralization of blood-flow (and metabolism) support the evacuation of tissue liquids

·         Fewer wrinkles and cellulite:

Cryo treatments can stimulate collagen production and thus revitalize skin

·         Less fatigue:

Sympathetic nervous activation and increased metabolism keep the body more alert, fit and active

·         Less stressor:

Cryotherapy reduces the production of the stress hormone Cortisol and thus helps preventing Burn-Out


Applied Cryotherapist (ACrT)

Certified Cryotherapist (CACrT)

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Clayton State University (CAPE)

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